Machine Guns, Ninjitsu and Explosions Galore: The Triumphant Return of Dollar Movie Drive In

Posted in Action on August 18, 2010 by dmdrivein

As regular visitors here know, the Dollar Movie Drive In has been closed since the end of December. For some reason that was never revealed to me, my account and all hosted videos were removed from Viddler, my former video host.

Now, thanks to Mike from Cadaverlab, I now have a new and better place to store all the wonderful cheese that I want to share with like minded b-movie fans.

We are starting a new format here at DMD. Instead of 1 movie at a time, I’m going to be doing double features, just like a real drive. The movies will usually be the same genre or have something in common that makes them work well together.

The 80s and early 90s where a great time for fans of dumb action movies and I’ve got a couple real treats for those of you who like Commando, but thought it was to cerebral.


Deep within the steaming tropical jungles of Vietnam is a Viet Cong terrorist training camp, run by an ex-Green Beret, William Marshall. A roving photographer stumbles upon the hidden camp and starts to take pictures. He is caught and summarily executed but the photos make it back to Washington. The CIA decide to send in an elite team of jungle warfare commandos, the Phantom Raiders, to establish whether Marshall is a POW or has gone bad. But another element has been added to this dangerous game. One of the Phantom Raiders is Marshall’s son. Now he must come face to face with the enigma that was his father. The Phantom Raiders is a non-stop film of explosive action, with enough mayhem to leave you breathless